Care about Our Earth- Becoming a Greenergy Factory as an Anticipation



In response to the global warming and energy crisis, Cattles installs solar power generation and management systems, hoping to become a green power plant and establish a corporate environmental protection paradigm.


Despite the high price of solar power generation systems, Cattles has been preparing and gradually installing solar panels on all roofs since 2017, with a total installed capacity of 200.68 KW. Taking the average daily sunshine of 3.5 hours in the middle Taiwan as an estimate, the annual installed capacity of the solar panels can be 256,368.7 degrees, and the amount of carbon emissions can be reduced to 159,7171 kilograms. This is equivalent to 23,412 trees planted on the earth for one year.



The benefits of solar systems are many:


Waterproofing and Electricity Saving

 In addition to being installed on a building, it can be waterproof, it can also reduce the high temperature generated by the sun, and can effectively reduce the electricity consumption of air conditioners.


No Power Generation Noise 

The solar power system is a static power generator and it is quite quiet.


Sustainable Use of Energy

Solar power generation facilities can be used for 20 years under regular maintenance, which can effectively achieve renewable energy activation and sustainable environmental development.



Love the earth together!