Cattles Corporate Social Responsibility is to achieve sustainable
development and conduct business ethics.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Environmental Sustainability

    a.Greening energy
    b.Solar power
    c.RoHS compliant plating
    d.Saving energy
    e.Electric saving devices
    f.LED lighting
    g.Resource Recycling

  • Disabled Workers Concerns

    Disabled Workers Concerns

    Cattles hires disabled person to encourage them, be more confident with their working ability. Each year we receive Award for Hiring Disabled Entrepreneurs.

  • Give back to local workers

    Give Back to Local Workers

    To give back to locals and promote local employment,Cattles offers local workers salary higher 1000 NTD than other regions.

  • Charity Activities

    Charity Activities

    Cattles has supported for Social Welfare Donation until now. We donate every year to support elderly lives.To encourage disabled children, we purchase cookies as gifts

  • Local Book Donation

    Local Book Donation

    Each year Cattles donates “Standards for Students” books to elementary schools across the county. It is a harmony education tool that is not only for children, but also for parents, grandparents to learn, practice and demonstrate to the children.

  • Industry-Academy Cooperation

    Industry-Academy Cooperation

    To connect industry with the knowledge and resources, Cattles cooperates with National Formosa University (NFU) and Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) to lead to sustainable development and partnership.

  • Occupational safety and health concerns

    Occupational Safety And Health Concerns

    To ensure every labor to work in safety and healthy environment, Cattles offers: Wear earmuffs in production/ Labor safety and health regulations internal training/ Particular Physical Checkup/ Fire drill practice